Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For how long has Bi-Income.Com been active as an Investment Program?

Bi-Income.Com was established some years back, but it has primarily been involved in traditional trading with offline clientelle, and just within the last few weeks established an online platform to cater for international demands and reach.


Is Bi-Income.Com legal?

Yes, Bi-Income.Com does its operational activities legally to confirm to international business standard and ethics.


How Bi-Income.Com generates profits?

Bi-Income.Com developed a Patent Pending software that has enabled very accurated and reliable trading. Most of our long term clients have been the primary sources of new investors, and that is a testimoy to the reliability of the trading system used. The software uses a bit-freeze mechanism to enable trade to be frozen at the highest profit point for any transaction. This will become apparent to you when you start making money.


Are the invested funds insured and offered returns guaranteed?

Bi-Income.Com's technology has demonstrated exceptionally consistent long term profits. However, despite of the extensive testing, we cannot yet fully insure invested funds and we cannot use prior performance to project future guarantees.


How secure are the member's private data such as name and amount invested?

Security and complete privacy of clients' data are among the main objectives of our program. We would never pass or disclose any private information to any third parties, except when requested by law enforcement agents. We took every possible technological precaution to protect clients' accounts data from possible breaches.


How can users contact Bi-Income.Com in case they have account related or general questions?

The most time efficient way to contact us is to the use of "Contact Us" form, which can be found on our website. However, we ask everyone to review our website content in full, because many questions have answers already published.


Who can participate in the program and can I do so without opening the account?

Program participation is open to any individual 18 years or older, with Internet access, who has accepted Bi-Income.Com terms of service. In order to participate in our program, everyone is required to create the account. We fully rely on user accounts data when planning and estimating required by the program fund transfers.


I moved, got married, changed my email address, opened another payment processor account. Can I change my personal account information data?

Yes, you can. To change or add user specific data, please follow the "Account Edit" link in your personal account area of the website.


Can I make additional deposits and can I maintain two or more accounts in your program?

In consideration of the need for most users to allocate their investments on regular basis, our system allows multiple deposits from within one account. For this reason, there is simply no need to have multiple accounts for one person. However, in case if the same household members are interested in maintaining separate accounts, they may do so, but every such account cannot be a referral of another.


How can I deposit my money into your program?

For your convenience and to increase our program global reach, we have enabled deposit processing with the following payment processing systems: BitCoin, PerfectMoney and Payeer, and Credit Card/Debit Card. We may also add other options in the future if needed. Users wishing to make deposits via bank wire transfers and/or those interested in receiving their earnings via company Debit Card are asked to contact our support department for instructions.


What actions do you take to protect user funds from losses?

We have implemented unique "Funds Protection and Insurance" feature within the program. Every successful trading day, we allocate at least 5% of profits to the special "Retainer" fund, which is only drawn on less than successful trading days, to ensure that our users are getting paid at all times, throughout their participation term.


Can I withdraw my principal amount?

Yes you can, however there are early contract termination fees. 

I have friends and family members who might be interested in your program participation. Do you offer any incentives for sponsorship efforts to current members?

Yes we do. We offer complete affiliate program where any user may use any legal means to advertise our program using referral links and image banners. Our affiliate program pays 8% on deposits of referred members. Affiliate materials can be found in the corresponding section of user account area.


What days do you pay?

We pay everyday as money is accrue to your account everyday. And available for you to withdraw any day too.